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 Janelle's Coaching approach

Janelle is like a “melting pot of roles” and her passion and expertise has emerged from a mixture of professional knowledge, self study, personal development and very importantly wisdom from personal life experiences – all of which blend to make her unique in who she is and how she motivates and moves you towards better things– be it in the personal or professional arena and whether it be physical, emotional, mental, social, business or spiritual in nature.

Unable to come up with one defining role for Janelle, some of her clients have described her as:

  • creative spark
  • solution finder and provider
  • life direction coach
  • dynamic action girl
  • inside out personal trainer
  • shape shifter
  • compassionate challenger
  • super-raver, promoter and connector!!!

Like a life coach, Janelle helps you identify areas of your personal or professional life that you wish to address and create some goals and plans. Like a counsellor she listens to your pain and emotional “stuff”. Like a detective, she helps you join the dots and piece parts of yourself and your life together to make sense. Like a trainer, she helps you with your focus and discipline and trains you in ways that will help you “win”. As a healer, she also helps you clear the underlying issues that are contributing to your concerns. Like a midwife, she helps you through your transition to birth the “new you”. Like an artist, she helps you imagine and paint a better picture for yourself.

Janelle helps you

  • be calm, less overwhelmed and more at peace through what you are experiencing
  • move beyond fear and see new results in your life
  • be more in tune with what your body, mind and soul are telling you
  • understand beliefs, emotions, languaging, behaviours and lifestyle choices underlying your present situation
  • develop strategies for dealing with the day-to-day impact of what you are experiencing or what you are desiring in your life
  • move through any change, trauma or grief making positive, healthy and life-enhancing choices
  • get clear about what you want and be committed to going after that
  • love and appreciate yourself more – be more confident, energetic, effective, successful...

More specifically Janelle's approach encompasses:

  • a creative and practical solution finding approach combined with a holistic mind-body-spirit approach - with the emphasis being on a balance between the two and one that fits your situation.
  • mind-shift and body-shift techniques – change and improvements aren’t just a function of changing your beliefs or creating new goals. The shift also needs to occur at a body/soul level.
  • conscious and unconscious level - much of your behaviour, habits and patterns are a reflection of your unconscious. Janelle helps you access the unconscious – it is here you can experience even more effective and sustainable changes and improvement.
  • information and knowledge as well as intuition and wisdom – use your logic and also your gut to make decisions, find solutions and move forward. Janelle authentically shares with you her own knowledge and wisdom and professional and personal life experience.
  • gets to the core, rather than temporarily fixing, medicating, dulling, covering up or ignoring the key issues that may appear in other guises
  • natural, proactive, preventative and sustainable methods 
  • compassion , empathy and support but with a powerful challenge and call to action – you feel heard and understood but without needing to “rehash” the past, and you are supported while you move ahead powerfully
  • present moment living and loving – stop being “a victim of the past” or a “worrier of the future”
  • self reflective, rather than a prescriptive approach - get inspired, reflect on your own situation and rather than having a “one-size, fits all” approach, take your own personalised action
  • interdependency, not dependency - rather than depending solely on a “professional” to give you the answers, Janelle helps you gain the personal tools and awareness to actively KNOW for yourself what the next step is for you.
  • active participant not a passive recipient - YOU get the results, YOU feel successful and powerful and YOU learn to cross-pollinate your ‘tools for life’ to other areas of your life - saving you time, money, stress...
  • laws of attraction – many people are attracting new wealth and money into their lives using the laws of attraction. The same principles can be applied to powerfully attract health and “wealth” into your relationships, intimacy, love for life, health, self esteem, confidence..
Consultations may include:

  • Holistic life review
  • Stillness and quietening experiences and intuitive guidance
  • Step by step processes whereby core issues are addressed and explored more fully
  • Safe, supportive environment
  • Compassionate, yet challenging mentoring
  • Healing
  • Information and resources
  • Connections to Janelle’s extended network of professional services
  • Resources, teaching points and at-home tasks
  • Recommendations and action plan

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