Revive your Feminine Spirit – Women’s Confidence and Life Changes Mentoring

  • Are you going through some womanly, motherly or lover-ly change or challenge that you want help with?
  • Have you lost yourself in the busy-ness of life and are you juggling too many balls at once – being the over-doer and over-giver to everyone but yourself?
  • Are you ploughing on through your struggle, grief or transition and missing out on the power and accuracy of your womanly intuition?
  • Do you finally want to put LOVE , SELF-BELIEF and CONFIDENCE (not to mention an easier life!) up your list?
  • Would you love to feel more sassy and sexy and have more pleasure in your life?
  • And are you finally wanting the freedom and excitement that comes from taking off your mask and simply being YOU living life how you want it?

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I see you. I hear you. And I’m here to help!

Most woman hate the hard times or simply “battle on” – wearing that “I’ve got it sorted mask on, while quietly dying and desperate inside and actually want a fair does of support!

You may be going through some transition at the moment and perhaps you are at that turning point when you know things can be different.

Maybe you are going through a difficult patch, a hard decision or a time when your soul is crying out for something more – not in a busier way, but a deeper way. That heartache you may be experiencing may be women’s health issues, eating weight or body concerns, infertility, miscarriage loss, wanting a partner or more intimate relationship, menopausal transition, lack of passion, cancer, disability, motherly stuff, grief, depression or that dull soul ache that you simply want something better in your life.

And as hard as your struggles are, the “feminine knowing”, knows from deep within you that those challenging times offer the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself and give more attention to your soul needs (that means more “me time”) and less to society’s needs. (giving to everyone else)

This chrysalis time of change, transition, loss, heartache or soul ache actually offers you the ultimate gift of self-care that you are quietly craving for!

Gorgeous, it’s time.

Time to believe in you. You are extraordinary!

Time to set aside your superwoman cape and choose more pleasure over pursuit.

Time to let go of the striving, the driving and the juggling, and choose a life of grace and elegance and ease.

Time to mother yourself before everyone else.

Time to be supported through your womanly changes and challenges.

Time to unleash the gorgeous, powerful, intuitive woman within.

It’s time for YOU.

This is the perfect time for you to be uncaged and let your spirit fly.

  • I will walk that road of discovery with you. I will help you let go of the need for validation and embark on a journey to self-love, connection, peace and joy.
  • I will hold space for your pain and help ease your journey through loss, grief or transition. I’ll help you find the courage to restart your life and uncover your pleasure and purpose.
  • Through daily self care and pleasure rituals, you’ll finally begin to honour your body with nourishment and tenderness, intimacy and kindness, grace and elegance, restful sleep and energized awakenings.
  • I’ll show you how to reconnect with your natural feminine rhythms and start to move with the flow of life, embracing new challenges, taking exquisite self-care and having more fun doing the things you love.
  • You’ll find sustenance in divine source and finally speak your truth, so you can step into your feminine power and become the divine diva you were born to be.

If I had to put in a few words how I support you, they are Spiritual Pastoral Care.  

And here are some great success stories from women I have had the privilege of supporting.

Honour your inner prompting to get started today.

If you’re ready to step into your feminine fullness and self-belief, reclaim your vibrant, energised, gorgeous self and dance to the beat of your own rhythms, contact me today by phone or email to start that soul search.  The timing is right!  As my personal mission says:

I help you find and fuel your feminine
To fiercely love yourself
Your body
Your ebb and flow and
To be fully woman
As you
Your transitions
In Life

My mentoring work has these 5 practices as its foundations that have come from my experience through my own health, relationship, mothering and life’s journey and through that of women I’ve worked with.

  1. self love
  2. body wonderment
  3. feminine way of living
  4. soul nourishment
  5. spiritual connection

I offer an initial complimentary 20 minute telephone or skype call to help you feel into what’s best for you – either this 6-12 weeks intuitive women’s mentoring or a different option – perhaps simply a one-off session to sort through some pressing matter or decision.