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Are you a woman who…

  • is an over-doer, over-giver and holds everything and everyone together while you are crumbling apart?
  • is tamed, responsible and serious when all you want to do is play, be pleasured and live a more wildly exciting life?
  • is often at war with niggling self-doubt and lack of time and energy while trying to get ahead and live your purpose?
  • wants to love your body but continues to criticise, compare or chastise it?
  • keeps your emotions and grief under wraps and keeps ploughing on the best you can?
  • is desperate for love but throws away intimacy by being too busy, distant or distracted?
  • remains unhealed, silenced and your soul is dying knowing there is more to life than constantly doing and giving unto others?

It’s now time for YOU to be real, raw and ravishingly woman.

Dancing in her own Full Moonlight is a unique 30 days of poetry and reflections following the cycle of the moon. It is Janelle’s un-silencing of her voice she kept quiet and hidden for too long.  It is her soul’s cries, yearnings, love, healing, real and raw creative expression and outpouring of the highs and lows of womanhood, motherhood and loverhood and her path to being fully herself and accepting who she is.

It is also an invitation for YOU – an over-doer, over-giver or a woman who has gone through grief, change and challenges to love yourself and your life in its amazingness and messiness – in your highest of moments and darkest of days, your confident highs and self-doubting lows and in your feeling beautiful and less than self-loving moments.

It offers you reassurance, hope and inspiration. It also invites you to practice daily stillness and spiritual connection so you can reflect on your own life – your own natural rhythm, emotions, passion, creative juices, goals and aspirations and to enjoy a deeper, more feminine and soul-nourished way of living, rather than a bigger and busier life.

Janelle honours you as a gorgeous and gifted woman and it’s time to up your self-belief and claim your fullest feminine power!

If you live in NZ.  buy here today for $34.99 + $5 post and packaging.

If you live outside of NZ, head to Balboa Press – Division of Hay House to order.

Janelle writes from the depth of her soul’s pain – the rawness and honesty providing a cloak of comfort and community for those who feel they too are alone.  Dancing in her own Full Moonlight is a beautiful heartfelt gift for those upon the path of womanhood with its many transition and challenges.  It gives reassurance and a knowing that you are seen, you are heard and you are not alone.

Debbie Gillespie – Wise Woman   www.debbiegillespie.nz


Janelle Fletcher brilliantly creates a journey into herself without leaving home, writing at dawn for thirty days, allowing what comes to arise within her and find its way onto the page.  She inspires us to find our own way to truly and deeply receive ourselves and this life we are given.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer – Poet – The Invitation  www.oriahmountaindreamer.com


Janelle’s raw and honest poetry speaks to the silent struggles of a woman emerging into the light and offers comfort and solace to others in times of transition.  

Christine Sheehy – Write to the Heart of your Business   www.christinesheehy.co


I love what you have written.  I am looking forward to continuing the journey in reading and reflecting with these writings. They do resonate deeply.  

Katrina Stadler  –  Friend, artist and kindred spirit


Janelle Fletcher offers us a wonderful guide for connecting with the moon that lives within. Dancing in her own Full Moonlight takes the reader on a cyclical journey of inspiration, inquiry and reflection and shines a gentle light on what it means to be woman. 

Dr. Anita Johnston – Author – Eating in the Light of the Moon   www.dranitajohnston.com


Using writing as a tool/practice/prayer to journey back to your true self has always been my very favourite kind of medicine to share with women in circle, which is why I’m giving Janelle Fletcher massive high fives + deep, deep bows of reverence for not only daring to hear my call, for then being willing to ‘go there’ and now for sharing what she wrote in our 30 days together in book form.  Janelle’s words are true, real + raw, and when we share stories from THIS place, other women are able to see their own truths reflected back at them – thank you for being our mirror, Janelle!  

Lisa Lister  –  Author  – Code Red + Love Your Lady Landscape + Creatrix of Write Your Freakin’ Heart (+ guts) Out programme   www.thesassyshe.com


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