I want to acknowledge YOU for being such a demonstration of feminine strength and beauty. By finding and speaking your own authentic voice, you show other women the possibility of that for themselves. 

Kate O’Brien – Founder of Create Yourself


• Are you a business, retreat centre, health clinic, weight loss centre, gym, beauty clinic, women’s networking group, personal development organisation, network marketing group, grief and loss centre, health consultant, relationship service or charity who are open to new inspiration, motivation and support for your members, clients, patients or customers?

• Are you looking for that “special touch” and person at your event, retreat or gathering who can help reinforce your message as well as offer new perspectives to the people you serve?

• Interested in inviting me to be part of your next event, conference, retreat or soulful gathering?  

A natural, vibrant motivator and speaker with heart, I bring you “soul food” and energise you, and the people in your group, charity, business or organisation, into new wellness, rich living and exciting possibilities in life. I can be part of their “puzzle” for dealing with whatever challenge they are going through – particularly related to holistic health, wellness, confidence, courage and feeling successful. Team-building, customer service and connecting fully with others is also something I help facilitate.  Keep reading for some of my speaking event feedback and content, which you may love for your group!

I am also an MC, but not just an MC that introduces the next act! Organisations and event organisers have experienced the “fullness” of what I bring to an event, with my vitality, creative ideas and motivational personality together with understanding the audience and the organisation well and weaving together content, style and inspiration in a way that is tailor-made, energising, interactive and deeply meaningful and memorable. Whatever outcome you want in your event, I will certainly be able to help you create that! Keep reading for some great examples of my MC work.

Also a super facilitator and story-teller, I am talented at facilitating small or large groups of people so they feel heard, supported, energised and empowered to step out in life more confidently.

Contact me today with your requests and ideas

“It takes a skilled presenter to MC an event. Goes way beyond being just an inspiring speaker! I recently launched my book in the US marketplace and needed to find someone to MC our book launch event here in Auckland, New Zealand. Janelle’s contribution on the evening surpassed what I could ever have wished for. I have known Janelle for nearly 10 years and to witness her evolution over this time has been extraordinary – she is a woman who compassionately honours the listening of the audience, is a consummate servant leader in her ability to make people feel important, goes way beyond the call of duty and adds the x-factor to any event. As a female entrepreneur in New Zealand these past 10 years, I admire any woman who stands out, who champions their vision, who stands for a better world, who are prepared to challenge status quo, who continually show up and will not take no for an answer, who knows what it’s like to walk in the shoes of others and ‘pay their knowledge forward’, who believe in who they are and who they are becoming and Janelle is all of this and more! Needless to say, I cannot recommend Janelle highly enough for any event that stands for exemplary standards of performance. You will NOT be disappointed!”  Sally Anderson Founder & Director of Sally Anderson International Ltd and Freefall International Ltd  www.evolvedleadership.com 

MC for organisations, charities and events

Secure Beginnings Launch – a venture between Dayspring Trust and Marinoto Child and Family Mental Health – supporting young mothers with addiction, postnatal depression and mental health issues bond with their babies.
“Dayspring Trust has been working with vulnerable families for 33 years, as part of its ongoing service delivery Dayspring Trust secured seed funding to pilot a 12-month Early Intervention Attachment Service program based in West Auckland. To expand the pilot service further to 18 months and offer assistance to a greater number of families we developed a joint service-staffing model with Marinoto West Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Secure Beginnings is the first program of its kind in New Zealand. Therefore it was imperative the launch would leave a lasting impression on Government Ministers and decision makers within the District Health Boards. We needed the right person to MC the event, a person who would understand the sector, the service we provide, and a commitment to their community especially vulnerable families. Janelle Fletcher responded to a request for an MC sent to the Paulus Romijn – Presenters Platform, offering her services pro-bono. From our first meeting I was impressed by Janelle’s professionalism, her insightfulness, the ability to understand our organisations values, the program and the outcomes we wanted to achieve. On the day of the launch, Janelle was outstanding. Coupled with her vibrant personality and excellent facilitation skills the launch really was a memorable success. In between presentations and performances, Janelle would provide relevant insights that complimented and reinforced the message we wanted to impart. Going the extra mile she provided props and special touches such as a beautiful sunflower to give to the first graduate of the program. It was very touching.Janelle worked hard to make the day a success for Dayspring and has clearly demonstrated her commitment to families and her community. We confidently recommend Janelle to any organisation holding an event. Thank you Janelle for your generosity and support for the work we do in the West Auckland community – you are an angel.” Jane Bruce CEO Dayspring Trust.

Sisu not Silence – 2500 run across campaign against non-violence by Finnish peace-activist Emilia Lahti  

Sisu-Not-Silence-Wanaka-Nadine-Cagney-71_previewJanelle Fletcher is the embodiment of what I call courage of heart. It means to show up to life in its fullness and do so with wisdom,realness and grace. Janelle’s ability to see the goodness in others, believe in the power of small beginnings and help give wings to people’s dreams, while being a person who meets and greets you at the heart’s level, make her one of the female leaders I look up to in my personal life. Janelle stood up to help us organize one of the most powerful events during the Sisu Not Silence run for compassion and non-violence across New Zealand and did so while having to juggle several other things simultaneously. She walks the talk, leads by example and through compassion. I have deep respect for community builders and healers like Janelle and I turn to her for advice. If you have a chance to meet Janelle or work with her, do not hesitate to do so. She is gift to our human family. Emilia Lahti Founder, Sisu Not Silence PhD Candidate at the Aalto University School of Science and Technology www.sisunotsilence.com 

sally-anderson-and-janelle-at-freefall-booklaunchSally Anderson’s Book launch I MC’ed Sally’s booklaunch of her book Freefall – Living Life beyond the Edge, where Sally shares with you her passion-filled commitment to helping people undergo unrecognisable transformation in themselves and in their lives.

Sally Anderson One Day Live Coaching – international coach/speaker/leadership transformer
“I had the pleasures of working with Janelle Fletcher for the first time at this Sally Anderson event. Janelle performed the MC role at this event and what a performance it was! Janelle is a true professional in every aspect! Totally committed to generating an inspiring event, Janelle kept the day flowing and seamless, intuitively motivated the participants and for me personally was incredibly easy and accommodating to work with! I highly recommend Janelle to anyone looking for holding an event where they want a dynamic performance by an MC! A BIG heartfelt thank you Janelle for all that you did Saturday’s event! Would work alongside you in a heartbeat!” Lou Williams – Event Director

janelle-at-go-to-girl-event-dec-2015The Go-to-Girl Networking Nights for Entrepreneurial Women  I have MC’ed two such events with Natalie-Cutler Welsh, her team and her guest speaker Natalie Sisson.  Over 120 entrepreneurial woman doing what busy networking women do!  “Janelle has been an MC for me at two of my Go to Girl Networking Events. Every time I’ve been so impressed with her prep in the planning stages and her energy on the night! She’s comfortable in front of a room and has a lovely way of making the audience/attendees smile and feel part of the event. She’s a lovely woman with a huge heart”. Natalie Cutler-Welsh www.thegotogirl.com

at-mariettas-launchMarietta Theunissen’s Booklaunch of Ultimate Transformation – 40 fabulous people had the privilege of meeting Marietta and hearing about many spiritual topics outlined in her biography style book. I had great fun MC’ing the evening and sharing my own spiritual experiences, signs, intuitions and wisdom. “You were extraordinary. When you came on stage, I thought they had especially gone out and got a professional Speaker/MC!!! And I am so impressed that you know so much about the subject of spirituality and actually live it!” Film tutor who filmed the evening “Thank you Janelle….fabulous job MCing and organising the evening. Soooo appreciate your effortless and serene assistance!” Leanne Morris – owner of Goodeys bookstore

Unleash Your Brilliance Fashion Show and Creativity Extravaganza
janelle-mc-at-fashion-showfor fashion designer Jenny Walker I coordinated many aspects of the evening on the night including writing and presenting the storyline of the fashion show and MC’ing this very successful evening. “I really must congratulate you for being such a brilliant MC. You did a magnificent job bringing the show together so that it flowed seamlessly into a brilliant tapestry of talent.” Linda Lucy Haines

Bridging the Two Worlds – As an event organiser, I helped International Medium Kerry-Marie  (now featuring on the TV series Sensing Murder) plan her evening show of her mediumship and MC’ed this fabulous event attended by 150 people.

HRINZ summits – Christchurch and Wellington – Climbing your own Personal Summit in your HR Business.  Two great corporate day events threading themes, speakers’ topics and stories to help people feel more empowered in their Human Resource Careers.

Totally A Capella – A majestic evening of four local A Capella music groups at Rippon Vineyard in Wanaka. A beautiful evening of song and communing as a community.  The thread of the evening was much like “wine-tasting” – a “taste” of different genres of A Capella – from contemporary to choral, and from barbershop to beautifully poignant songs and messages of hope and heartbreak and everything in-between.

Speaking events

Create Yourself Global Summit  I have been guest speaker twice now on this International Summit alongside some of the world’s greatest writers, speakers, healers and leaders in the personal and spiritual development field including John Grey (Men are from Mars…), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Brandon Bayes (The Journey), Sonia Choquette and many others.  http://createyourselfglobalsummit.com/about/

Feminine Success at its best. Unwrapping your Feminine Gifts for a successful 2016.  Auckland Wellness and Beyond Networking Group.  What a lovely small intimate circle of women where we unwrapped our gifts as women to make our next year successful in a different way than unsuccessful New Years’ Resolutions or ploughing ahead and burning out.

Mirror Mirror What a gorgeous body confidence gathering this was as part mirror-mirror-galsof Rita Sue Clothing Store in K Rd. I talked about the distorted mirrors we look in – the magnified one, the minimised one, the comparison mirror and the broken mirror. Great wisdom was shared about how to recreate a new image for ourselves.“Hahaha literally jumping with joy. I am so happy! Mirror, Mirror was an absolute success!” Ella Webster – Event organiser

Passionate Juicy Living Girls’ Night Organised completely by yours truly and speaker on the night, this was an intimate WOW event. Over $1300 worth of fabulous prizes were given away. I shared some wisdom on living a far more juicy life which the women loved. Here’s the feedback from one woman who later joined the 6 week Passionate Juicy Living series. “Wow you are amazing! You have a beautiful gift and I’m so glad to have met you and just at the right time too. You are wonderful and I’m looking forward to more of your orgasmic loveliness!! I want some too 🙂 I feel very special receiving the awesome prizes from you. Thank you so much. Tonight felt very lucky and auspicious to me and I cried when I got home in awe of it… Thank you again. Looking forward to more Passionate Juicy Living.” Sheryl

Nourish your Inner Hungers Evening workshop. Differentiating physical hunger and other hungers, meeting your needs and desires, nourishing and energising you, igniting your passion for life and attracting what you want.

Naturally Beauty-full YOU Makeover
I co-created a Naturally Beauty-full YOU event to launch Katie Watt’s Beauty Business in Waipu. The event attracted over 40 local rural women to a fun-filled and very inspirational evening. The connections made were simply not like a business networking event or business launch, but oozed a real heart-felt warmth and depth of connection that is often missing in social events.“I had the privilege of meeting and working with Janelle Fletcher to create one of the most amazing evenings the women of Waipu have seen to date. It was such a treat to work alongside this amazing woman. I was amazed by Janelle’s incredible enthusiasm and talent. I have had fantastic feedback from the ladies who joined us, all talking about how inspired they were following the evening! I am already looking forward to my next event where I can work alongside Janelle again. I just can’t get enough of this fabulous woman’s great energy and vibe. She really is an inspiration! Thank you again for everything you have done for me and my business. I can’t think of a better way to launch a business.” Katie

introducing-allison-roeSoul Nourishment for Busy Women at Configure Women’s Gym in Milford This was part of a series I ran, including stillness and breathing exercises, reflection questions and coaching, meditation and energising techniques to help women fulfil their life, not just fill it up.

I love me, I love me not night at Configure Women’s Gym Fulfilling ourselves with soul nourishment not filling, or overfilling ourselves with food. Feeding ourselves on kind words, thoughts and deeds. Energising ourselves and abundance thinking, rather than deprivation, denial and punishment. Expression, not depression (or depassion as I call it!)

Your body has the answers to your body issues at Eden – Eating Difficulties Education Network
“A treasure chest is defined by the treasure it contains, not the chest that contains it.” This was a great night reminding ourselves what a treasure chest our body is, which includes our emotional detox system amongst many other fine gems. My talk touched women at a soul level. “You saved my life.” SJ

How to LOVE your body, even when you don’t like it sometimes at Divine Light Healing Centre in Kumeu. A fabulous morning of fun females embracing their femininity and learning great tips to love their body through the thick and thin. “Thanks Janelle for an enjoyable and empowering talk this morning at Divine Light. We would all like you to do it again soon!” Toni – Founder of Divine Light

I love me, I love me not. Re-growing trust in my body and trust in me. anita-johnston-and-eden
I gave a presentation to the staff at Eden – Eating Difficulties Education Network – inviting them to choose more “I love you” petals and talked about health, body and life changes that may have contributed to our lack of body trust. They went away with tips on how to re-grow their trust in themselves and in their bodies. Jo Cocker also graced his presence with his gorgeous rendition of “You are so beautiful.” “Thank you so much for all the LOVE and energy you are putting into changing our world and into Eden. We came away so inspired – You are such a passionate, intelligent, caring and creative woman and Eden and the Eden team are so blessed to have connected with you. LOVE = Janelle = Leader, Open to possibilities, Vivacious, Energy. I like your LOVE acronym and thought I would try one about you!” Deb Schwarz – National Manager EDEN

Stumbling Blocks are Starting Blocks at Women of Africa gathering I spoke on Endings and Beginnings and the choices to dive (down the slippery slope of despair), survive (on same old, same old street) or thrive on the path of possibilities. A lovely afternoon with a lovely group of South African Women.

Nourishing the Garden of your Soul at Coatesville Women’s Institute coastesville-womens-inst-3What a great night sharing my “sprouts” of wisdom with more mature women, for nourishing the garden of our souls. Key wisdom was we need to slow down and start smelling the roses in our lives, start playing in our child-like secret garden of childhood passions and desires, be patient and in tune with the seasons, even through the “winter-hard times” and to commune with nature daily.

A new Spring in Your Step at Soroptomist International You’re never too old to reinvent yourself and do new things, be of service in new ways and to feel even more youthful in later years. I spoke at Soroptomist International inviting each member to get out of their BOX (comfort and familiar zone), take action steps on their BUCKET list and to reignite something from their Passion and Possibilities BOWL to not only make a difference to others, but to energise themselves as well.

Colourful Friday Girls’ Night Out at Cafe Toi Toi Muriwai, Auckland What a fabulous night organising. MC’ing and speaking at this evening along with guest speaker Stephne Vaughan – Colour Coach. In a very fun and memorable way I gave 10 tips that we could learn from the gannets’ lifestyle at Muriwai in preparation for their long and virgin flight to Australia and related that to how to get through difficult times and reinvent yourself in a more powerful way. People “flew” out with a buzz.“I would like to say a huge big Thank You again! It was fantastic to have a buzz in the cafe with awesome energy and an abundance of colour. Loved the orange…Impressed and rapped to hear its meaning. The evening for me was just what I was looking for, personally and in a business sense. Your energy, enthusiasm and beauty is always appreciated Janelle. You rock!” Nerralee Johnson – Cafe Owner

Inside out Beauty at Contours Women’s Gym featuring Nadia Lim (MasterChef 2011) – dietician and chef, Dr Rosi Horrocks – Anti-aging and Menopause physician, Carol Vaughan – Caci Clinic (Epsom), myself and Lauren Peet from Ellerslie Foot and Physio Clinic. Here are some responses. “I feel different already. Yes, I am definitely ringing you to join your Confidence Club. It was like you knew me and my situation to a ‘T’. You ooze confidence and that’s what I’m after. You soooooo upped the energy of the night.” janelle-at-contours-glen-innes-april-2011

Sculpting the Life you Want at Contours Women’s Gym featuring guest speakers Debbie Mayo-Smith – marketing guru, Olga – beauty therapist, Lee-Anne Wann – health and fitness guru from TV series Downsize me and myself speaking about inner confidence and the small shifts – body-shift, mind-shift, word-shift and action-shift that make a HUGE difference to your confidence.  “Thank you for speaking Janelle. I found you totally inspirational. I just had to come up and let you know what insight you had given me in such a short time.” Sheree – Personal Trainer.

Shake your Tail feather – Embodying your potential and Upping your Body Confidence at Sea Escape Day Spa in Tairua I gave my take on the Ugly Duckling story, I talked about the grief recycle (yes you heard it right) and also the importance of addressing your confidence, health and your life from the inside-out and addressing the underlying core issues, rather than band-aiding the symptoms from the outside in. Generous in sharing her wisdom.  “I invited Janelle to speak on the subject “Embody Your Full Potential” at an event I had organised for both clients and friends. It was aimed to help encourage us to have more confidence in our bodies and in our lives. We were all captivated by Janelle’s warmth and charisma! Janelle is an engaging and honest speaker who inspires in a very real way. There is nothing vague or airy-fairy in her approach. Her concepts and philosophy are extremely grounded, while at the same time encouraging us all to fly!” Lisa Stevenson Sea Escape Day Spa