Sally Anderson International – Book Launch – Freefall Divine Moments feather
It takes a skilled presenter to MC an event. Goes way beyond being just an inspiring speaker! I recently launched my book in the US marketplace and needed to find someone to MC our book launch event here in Auckland, New Zealand. Janelle’s contribution on the evening surpassed what I could ever have wished for. I have known Janelle for nearly 10 years and to witness her evolution over this time has been extraordinary – she is a woman who compassionately honours the listening of the audience, is a consummate servant leader in her ability to make people feel important, goes way beyond the call of duty and adds the x-factor to any event. Needless to say I cannot recommend Janelle highly enough for any event that stands for exemplary standards of performance. You will NOT be disappointed! Sally Anderson International


Reinvent Yourself and What’s Possible Charity Fundraiser
It was an extraordinary night and your leading of the evening was awesome. You are an amazing presenter and a model for confident women and your leadership and confidence was a joy to watch. As the evening unfolded I became aware of the commanding presence emanating from you and the level of energy in the room. It is often hard work maintaining the flow and attention span at this kind of event, yet at each step people were riveted. You used your gift for presenting with aplomb, taking the audience on a journey, touching hearts and evoking laughter! You are one of the most beautiful, resourceful and courageous women I know, and I see you being accessed for the life-changing contribution you can bring.
Pat Armitstead – Joyologist 


Divine Moments featherDay Spring Trust Launch
From our first meeting I was impressed by Janelle’s professionalism, her insightfulness, the ability to understand our organization’s values, the program and the outcomes we wanted to achieve. On the day of the launch, Janelle was outstanding. Coupled with her vibrant personality and excellent facilitation skills the launch really was a memorable success. In between presentations and performances, Janelle would provide relevant insights that complimented and reinforced the message we wanted to impart. Going the extra mile, she provided props and special touches such as a beautiful sunflower to give to the first graduate of the program. It was very touching. Janelle worked hard to make the day a success for Dayspring and has clearly demonstrated her commitment to families and her community. Thankyou Janelle for your generosity and support – you are an angel. Jane Bruce, CEO


Sisu not Silence – Non-violence 2500km run across NZ campaign
Janelle Fletcher is the embodiment of what I call courage of heart. It means to show up in life in its fullness and do so with wisdom, realness and grace. Janelle’s ability to see the goodness in others, believe in the power of small beginnings and help give wings to people’s dreams, while being a person who meets and greets you at the heart’s level, make her one of the female leaders I look up to in my personal life. Janelle stood up to help us organize one of the most powerful events during the Sisu not Silence 2500km run for compassion and non-violence across NZ and did so while having to juggle several other things simultaneously. She walks the talk, leads by example and through compassion. I have deep respect for community builders and healers like Janelle and I turn to her for advice…She is a gift to our human family. Emilia Lahti – Founder – PhD Candidate Aalto University School of Science and Technology


Unleash your Brilliance Fashion Show and Creative Extravaganza
I really must congratulate you for being such a brilliant presenter. You did a magnificent job bringing the show together so that it flowed seamlessly into a brilliant tapestry of talent.” Linda Lucy Haines Luxury organic perfumes & body balms


Mirror Mirror – Body Confidence Gathering
Literally jumping with joy I am so happy! Mirror, Mirror was an absolute success!” Ella Webster – organizer

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Cedric’s Naming Ceremony   Janelle and I met because our children went to the same primary school. Janelle’s warmth and beautiful character meant we bonded quickly over motherhood and shared interests. Knowing that Janelle had previously organised and lead celebrations of life transitions, I asked her to be the celebrant of my youngest son’s naming ceremony. Both my older children had been christened in Switzerland and unfortunately this was not possible for our youngest. Not having any family here made this a difficult event for me to undertake but Janelle supported me in a most wonderful way and with her strength and intuitiveness managed to create a meaningful ceremony for us and our youngest baby. It became an occasion that to this day gives us much joy and we are very grateful to Janelle for having made it such. She carefully interwove our lives in 2 different countries and managed to make us feel like a part of a big family even though most of our loved ones were far away! Pia Wittwer-Blaser